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Loose Leaf Tea Menu

White Tea

Pai Mud Dan- A white tea that is made using only the small unopened tips and the two top leaves, of the tea plant. these delicate leaves are carefully picked, dried, and packaged by hand In order to minimize the impact on the tea. *This is a light refreshing white tea for any occasion

Green Tea

Sencha- In Japan the leaves of this green tea are steamed, mashed and wok fried, giving them their distinct flavors and aromas. Sencha is known for its delicate sweetness, mild astringency and aromas of fresh cut grass.

White Monkey- A light green tea from Taimu Mountains in China. When dried, the leaves curl up into white bunches that resemble little monkey hands, hence the name.

*A lightly processed green tea with subtle seaweed aromas

Jasmine- Fujian Green Tea with fresh jasmine petals. When this tea is steeped the leaves unfurl in your cup releasing the jasmine flowers sweet bouquet.

Tropical Green- Green tea with a tropical twist! Aromas of passionfruit, coconut, and mango along with pieces of apples, orange peel, and marigold flowers give this light green tea and “Island Kine” vibe. *try it Iced! Fruity and Punchy

Moroccan Mint- Hailing from north Africa, this blend of green tea from China and dried spearmint is strong, fresh and has a slightly sweet aroma. *The perfect afternoon pick-me-up!


Oolong Tea

Ti Kuan Yin- A series of slow and time consuming steps are used when processing this oolong. Leaves are hand picked and rolled and the result is a lighter more floral oolong that is closer to a green tea. *aromas of lilac and honey

Fujian Oolong- A simple everyday oolong. Beautiful amber color and peachy notes with a slight minerality or “rocky” taste.

Formosa Oolong- A Darker style oolong from Taiwan. Formosa means beautiful, coming from the Portuguese explorers in the area. Smooth flavors with a fruity astringency and aromas of autumn leaves and raisins.

Purple Tea Kenya Purple- Totally unique in flavor and color. This tea is grown in high elevation (above 6,000ft) and processed like a green tea. Strong piney/juniper notes with some astringency and a refreshing sweetness. *add a squeeze of lemon juice to your cup and watch the magic! 


Black Tea

Darjeeling- A Summer harvest from the Sungma estate. A light black tea that is golden in color, with bright aromas and a grape-like muscatel flavor that gives the tea it’s nickname of the “champagne of teas”.

Assam- A black tea grown in northern India. Assam is actually the largest tea producing region of the world, making 1.5 Billion pounds of Tea. a year! Red in color, Assam is known for it’s body, briskness and malty flavor. *bold and rich, aromas of raisins and wood

English Breakfast- A carefully selected blend of Ceylon, Assam, Java, and Darjeeling teas; your classic breakfast blend! *medium bodied, malty

Hawaiian Grown - Grown on the Big Island at 900 ft elevation. A smooth tea, amber in color and crisp body with notes of caramel and malt.

Decaf. English Breakfast- Only decaffeinated Ceylon is used, giving a slightly lighter body and flavor and with more fruity notes than it’s caffeinated cousin.

East Frisian- This blend of Assam and Indonesian teas is named for the cold, wet area of Germany’s Northern coast, where they consume more black tea then anywhere in the world. It is common in the region to add heavy cream and rock sugar. *hearty and robust with aromas of tobacco and caramel

Earl Grey- A blend of teas from Sri Lanka, India and China infused with Bergamot orange. *try our London Fog, a tea latte with Earl Grey, vanilla and steamed milk.

Chocolate Mint- A rich black tea mixed with sweet spearmint leaves. *like a peppermint patty!

Vanilla- Black teas from China, Sri Lanka, and India get mixed with Madagascar vanilla pieces and flavoring to create this smooth and delicious blend. *rich, bold, and velvety

Champagne Rose- Black tea with rose petals and champagne flavoring.

Chai- A strong black tea blend with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and pepper. *complex and earthy, and Indian delight! Decaf. Chai available

Apfelstrudel- A blend of green and black tea, apple pieces, almonds and almond flavoring. *warm, sweet and soothing

Pu’erh- this aged and fermented Tea from the Yunnan region in China is deep, rich, & earthy in flavor. *improves heart-health and helps with weight-loss 


Strawberry Summer- Sweet Aromas of strawberry, apples and rhubarb. Hibiscus gives this tea it’s striking stunning color and the addition of rose hips gives it a slightly dry “not too sweet” finish. *try the Pink Paradise from our specialty drinks menu

Yerba Matte-(caffeinated) Started in South America, this herbal tea is high in caffeine but gives a cleaner, less jittery alertness. Flavors are similar to green tea but more grassy and herbaceous.

Egyptian Chamomile- Used for centuries for its calming effects and anxiety relief. Aromas of fresh cut apples and a little earthiness. Golden in color with a sweet, floral finish. *light and floral

Marzipan Caramel -(contains nuts)  Honeybush from South Africa and deep aromas of caramel and amaretto. *it’s like dessert in a cup!
Rooibos Vanilla- Roobios from South Africa gives this tea its sweet, dark sugar aromas, like warm sugar cookies. Great for headaches and insomnia.

Mamaki- Endemic to Hawaii, this flowering plant is part of the nettle family and has been used by the ancient Hawaiians for centuries. It has a slightly medicinal flavor and aroma. Most commonly used to treat general debility, it can also lower stress and promote healthy cardiovascular functions.

Mamaki Lemon- The addition of lemongrass, lemon peel and rooibos tea, smooth out the medicinal notes of the mamaki creating a refreshing approachable tea.

Detox- Enjoy the effects of this delicious naturally caffeine free herbal blend. Lovely botanical ingredients like hibiscus, licorice root, lavender, chamomile and peppermint help deliver a refreshing sweetness.

Revive- Feeling under the weather and need a cup of miracles? This tea is high in Vitamin C to help boost your immune system and is packed with tulsi (aka holy basil), an herb that helps sooth cold symptoms and control coughs. *contains rooibos, citrus peel, hibiscus, ginger, rose hips, rose petals, orange, cinnamon and vanilla flavors.

Immunity- A naturally caffeine free herbal blend with peppermint, hibiscus, honey bee pollen, eucalyptus and tulsi (holy basil).

Pure Peppermint- A refreshing caffeine free Tisane that may help with digestion and headaches.

Raspberry Leaf- A Tisane that is high in magnesium, potassium, iron, b-vitamins and soothes the female reproductive system

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